Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thelma & Louise-ing It, Part 1

Hey all,

I have a subject I really want to talk a lot about, but I'm still trying to process things myself, so this really WILL be a (relatively) short entry. It's about being inspired by two ladies from the silver screen. Thelma & Louise-ing it is my way of saying, just jump, full in, no net, with every chance that you will fall on your face...or every chance something amazing will happen.

This week, I did that, in two different situations. Right now, I can talk about one of them. It's regarding The Project (the thing I can't talk about that I am working my butt off on that I really want to talk about). Editor gave me 1 note and 1 suggestion. I took them both into consideration and stepped back. Sometimes, when you write something, you think, THIS IS IT! This is perfection. And then someone else reads it... Get out of your own way and listen, especially to your editor. I did this. It was the second draft that Editor was giving me notes on, and both versions were quite different from each other. Then came these ideas from Editor. The two things that had bugged me about the story, that I KNEW were off but tried to cover up with bells & whistles and shiny pretty things, were spotted by Editor. That's when it hit me. And I jumped.

I took it down to basics and started over. I kept the core ideas and goals but EVERYTHING else changed. I also played with a structure I have never used before. I put it all on the line, didn't hold back at all. And when I turned it in, it was the first time I actually thought that this is a story that if, God forbid, I couldn't write it, I would still want to read it. I was able to feel confident that I was proud of every moment, and didn't need to cover any weak spots. I went for it. And then I walked away to let Editor read & absorb it.

Met with Editor today, and the difference was instantly noticeable. Editor & I were on completely the same page! This story's structure is completely unique for me but still something I feel passionately about writing, and that combination excited Editor, and me honestly. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to write when I first pitched it, but now I finally found THE way for me to best tell the story.

So what was the difference? I jumped. I Thelma & Louised it. And I didn't crash. I hit the ground running. And I haven't stopped smiling ever since.

More on all of this later.

Until next time,

- Jim


Ruwan said...

go JIM. you goin' be so famous they will name a sandwich after you at Burger King!

Ruwan said...

p.s. F-I-R-S-T!